My Pictorial Mood

 A picture speaks more than a thousand words.  Aboyowa uses a black and white filter to show his mood which is “I can’t see you right now”. The filter selection picture quality is just simply awesome. He lets his facial color to reflect in the black and white color filter. Aboyowa chose this filter because he wants to show the whole world “I’m in a mood that only I will understand and can explain but despite this mood I’m also friendly and full of life, so don’t be scared to have some fun with me”.

The background selection of an old rugged building with trees and him standing on the roads shows he has a ghetto lifestyle and he is born to hustle for anything good and it is boldly written on his forehead “I am a HUSTLER”. 

If you feeling his mood that is, “Neither I am not happy nor sad nor angry” and sometimes you feel that way but you want you dressing to tell the people that comes in cntact with you, I strongly recommend this simple casual wear that Aboyowa has shown us.
Aboyowa wears a simple black and white stripped long sleeve from Iyvo and a plain black baseball cap to display this fashion.

For the complete dress code, I recommend a plain black skinny trouser preferably a jean and a black and white sneakers maybe a Vans or All Stars Converse sneakers to go with this. This black and white flow and filtering with a colored body reflects a person in a normal mood.


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