Fashion: The summer is coming...

Looking for a dress code for the summer ladies??
   Look at Lillian teaching you how to go on with the summer without being disturbed by the sun rays. She’s amazing and fabulous in this new look from Lillian

Always want to keep the sun away from your fresh skin, go with the wide light brown hat Lillian goes with, there’s no way the sun rays are passing through that because it’s wide enough to cover you from the sun.
If you feel the sun is still much and you want to avoid it totally I bet you can go with a big nice shades may be a pair black shades or a pair of brown shades.

Lillian is an upcoming model and I bet she can tell you more about herself about this picture...

Normally you need to keep yourself away from sun burn... You can do that by wearing a long sleeve but that will only cause more heat… if you looking for solution, look no further cause Lillian has answered your problem by showing you they you can wear a long sleeve for summer and still have enough air for your body by wearing a netted long sleeve shirt. The shirt kills two problems with just its texture, it solves the problem of heat and sun burn..

As for the pants she wears a pair of high waist checkers trousers… the pair of trousers are not skinny at all they are actually big to allow air to enter the legs.. Lillian has solved it all fpr all your summer problem.

She makes a good choice of background by actually standing in an area full of trees..
I love this photo!!!


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