Article by Marvellous Ikpea

" The life of a rockstar is one of a whole new level of depth than anyone else. As a means of trying to be what everyone wants you to be you forget who you are and it leads to you going off the deep end. The deep end isn't just the drugs and the skanks but the depression the recession the pain the distance between you and sanity grows slimmer by the show and one day you can't take it any more and find yourself been shovelled off the sidewalk."

The first simply put is this when your head and your heart are in conflict, things always tend to go south and recovering from the pain is almost impossible.

What we think of the article.
You tend to deviate from who you really are simply because you want to be what you aren't to impress people.

Some quotes by Marvellous Ikpea to back up the article :

1.The beauty of madness can only be understood by those who have dared to tread it's hard path

2.Until you understand insanity you can never understand sanity.


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