Fashion: The simple Attire

It is not always necessary that you must wear only your ethnic group attire and display to the whole world... Dressing like other ethnic groups actually bring peace, unity and togetherness... 

Oyailo has brought peace between her people and the Indians by wearing their traditional attire. She doesn't just wear it like that, she wears it with a smile and this means she's happy with the Indians 

The gown is not only used to signify peace and harmony, it can be worn to traditional events, marriages,  churches and thanksgiving. 
This bubu gown is actually the simplest way to portray tradition. 

Looking for clothes to wear for a marriage, a bubu gown worn by Oyailo is the solution. 

This gown is made from cotton which means it is extremely light and it allows air to pass through it, so you can't feel hot while in this gown. The gown being light means that it can be worn out in hot regions and you would hardly Sweat that much... This gown comes in varieties of colors such as blue, yellow, green and pink... 

If you are a simple girl in need of a simple attire... Just know Oyailo has shown you a bubu gown... 

Looking for what type of accessories that would be great on this attire?  A swatch watch worn by Oyailo goes with the front knitting and lots of beads and necklaces will be of great combination... 

Need shoes for this gown??? My only advice is never to wear sneakers... The best shoes for this bubu gown are heels... Flats can be worn too

Oyailo didn't wear shades but for more, I say you wear a dark brown shade to keep the sun away. 

If you want to learn how to smile, let Oyailo teach you on her Instagram Page @oyailo


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