Fashion: it's a summer loving thing

A soft young model aspirant Peace Brown hasn't been noticed here before well he will because he is exactly what faschun Jinkz is all about... A fashion of your own creativity... He keeps fashion of Faschun Jinkz glowing and we are glad to put his picture here.

Peace Brown chooses to come out into the open to show the world another way to get the summer going... A summer flow is all in the shirt area what you wear on top shows if it's for summer or not... There's no better way than to describe summer with a Floral Shirt

He wears this shirt for air allowance and summer display... The big Flowered top from Zantos brings about clarity to the mind of every one that it's a beach Shirt and he's ready to groove on with summer no matter the heat...

For coolness a Navy blue chinos is a right color of pants to go with the shirt and peace brown has done so...

He wears a light brown Suede broogues  to go with his weaven hat...

These colors are light soft and attractive

Peace Brown is a romantic type especially in the summer so he does that by holding a flower... Oh he also holds it to bring about more emphasis on his shirt which is also made out of flowers... Follow him on Instagram and learn more


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