HEALTH,FITNESS AND FASHION:How can we develop our body health-wise and fitly?

  Health as we all know,is a state of well-being and balance,whereby we do not possess any psychological imbalance or physical condition.This is a toast to prosperity. Some are healthy physically but not psychologically,while others are healthy psychologically but not physically,whereby they posses pains and unending aches all over their joints and body.
   Well,Alexandra McQueen, a well built-up,sexy and fit fashion and fitness model has your solution...
    Alexandra McQueen says to us,"you do not have to meet a medical doctor to be healthy or a physical fitness trainer to be fit."He said your health and your fitness are both in your palm,you can let it out.
Alexandra includes that "fitness begins from the heart and mind,determination is involved", he says "obstacles may come by,feelings of discouragement and wanting to quit or give up." "NO!" he says, that as time goes on,it becomes easier because you'll get used to it and even addicted to it and more enthusiastic about your work out .He assures use of unlimited success if you take this as a stepping stone .Well,I do not know about you,but this is a whole lots of encouragement and vibe,thrills and triggers from Alexandra McQueen.
  He went so far to give us three guidelines and an easy way to health and fitness to those who're wholely interested. Here he goes..
  Firstly,he says...Be dedicated to your work out and do it with tranquil, peace,calmness and all concentration. When you do this,it is usually hard for you to posses feelings about giving quotes he said DEDICATION TO YOU WORK OUT GOES A LONG WAY TO ELIMINATE DISCOURAGEMENT.To me,this is really one important point we need to know about and put into practice.
   Secondly,he recommends us to do a flat bench sit up,an incline bench sit up,and an effective press up on a daily bases,(morning and evening) he specified,afternoons can be optional. It all depends on you. now,he includes that whatsoever sit up you do,works on a flat stomach much as development of abs,it also works on the neck,and the wrist as well...this is one important aspect.He also tilted his way down to press ups and push ups which develops the chests,making them bulge and thick.All these are depicted in his pictures,no doubts,he is really fit.
Thirdly,he also recommends us to take fruits and fruit juice on a daily bases. Juices containing fruit flavors of orange,pear,banana,pineapple, tangerine and lots more.Not to forget he made mention of constantly taking water. They'll boost health in the efficient work of our your internal organs.Moreover they contain vitamins...
  Conclusively,Alexandra McQueen tell us that being healthy and fit is being happy and balance.
  I do not know about you,but from my point of view,I'll say if you do just as he said,health and fitness will be a mare talk and show to you. I'll leave you with this "HOPE IS NOT A GRAIN OF SAND,THERE'S MORE TO IT"if you do not have hope,nothing will work out well.
   Alexandra McQueen,like i earlier said is also a fashion and style model.Now,in his photographs,he tilts his way a little down the narrow road of fashion and style,showing us some accessories which would blend up with this kind of picture.He shows a gold plated anchor bracelet and Versace wrist time piece. Also his vintage shirt,designed with red and green intersecting each other. Downwards is a Calvin Klein underwear topped with his sky blue colored urban fashion jeans. This is a blessing on this fashionista,the sure ability to match all these things together to look this sweet. This is worthy of respect.
  A good look on the other photograph will show us an ash colored F & F jogger pants,his accessories on his both wrist and a black pair of all star shoes to match his MCM bag..
Applause Applause!!
Alexandra McQueen, your fashion is so exquisite and amazing...
As for me...I love and cherish it.!
   We must have learnt enough from Alexandra McQueen. If you want to know more,Here is brought to you,his official Instagram page " @____mcqueen"....
Have a nice day..


  1. This is very nice thanks a lot faschun jinkz for all the fashion updates and guidelines on how you can match ur clothin your model ____mcqueen is one great stoner


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