What is that feeling I have when I am unconscious?
That feeling that  in me when i have no control of my body.
It is a sweet feeling that pleases one's mind when at rest.
this feeling comes into reality when you make it real.

  A dream doesn't become reality through magic.
       Determination makes it come true.
            Discourage makes it false.

A dream doesnt become great through words of experience.
Success displays how great your dream is.
Expression tells people how great your dream is.
 Dream is a spritual blueprint shon to you.
 Its left for you to draw it into reality and build it up.
The choice of foundation is yours,
The choice of materials and instruments to be used is also yours

Why do we chase the blueprints?
Without a blueprint or a marked out plan nothing can come to past.
We have to DREAM BIG
Why do we follow this marked out life?
A marked out life makes life more simple to live.

                                                                                             FOLLOW your dreams by CHASING your dreams

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                               We never get a chance to be more creative expect through dreams.
Article by: Omasanuwa Eguono


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