Article by Marvellous Ikpea

" When I look around me all I see is a bunch of teenagers but they asked what are you and I said I am a man in ideology and life goes beyond flesh and blood because what lasts a thousand lifetimes is idea and as V would say, ideas are bulletproof. I am what I am not because I want to but I was unfortunately born in the same lifetime as you and that's the only thing that makes me a teenager. But as you know, in this world, there are no coincidences only illusions of coincidences and that's why I haven't given up on my young body but have devised means through words to sustain my sanity until I can make the change I want."
Marvellous' explanation is this: I have looked at the world from a position of indifference and impartiality and seen the speed there in and so chose to slow down things by writing and reading. And yes in the order it was written.

What we think of this article.
   We think of this article that you are not meant to be what you are born into... Do not have the negative side of others simply because 80 percent of the world does it... Be your own  man and stand out from wherever you lie.


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