FASHION:What else would you demand of a gentleman than this???

On a starting Note and observance,i will say these fashionistas, who are young teenagers and students of Bingham University wear their confidence and happens to look drop-dead cute,comfortable and classic. If i may say,on a personal part of reasoning,i think a person's confidence is what makes him/her stylish. I'm quite fascinated by what inspires many fashionistas,and how they happen to match their corporate wears,that makes them look so prominent and distinguished from others by its superiority.It baffles.
Without a second thought,we all know 
He looks sweet.But then,I begin to wonder,"what brought about such creativity?",take a look at his bow tie,which goes a long way to match with his socks in a tallied horse-blood red colour,his hat with his trouser and suspender which is neatly overseen with the uniqueness of his white shirt and sun glasses Which shows us an energetic blue.Nevertheless,i am also fascinated by what inspires many fashion designers.The colours they use in creating their pieces are so amazing.They go a long way in promoting fashion,much appreciation to them.

Well,we like fashion and fashionable people.I think our fashion industry in Nigeria is without doubt the best in Africa.Nigerian stylists and designers are just so hot in their creativity and the fashionistas are inconsiderable about anybody,all they do is slay,slay,slay.
And then i begin to wonder,"why is there so much interest in fashion in Nigeria",but then i have the answer deep down in my temple.This is it,"it is a special blessing from the Lord,that Nigerians are so fashion oriented."From old skool to vintage fashion to urban fashion to corporate fashion, and even our own traditional fashion.i guess what I'm talking about is so clear to us.The likes of the Agbada wears,the ankara,and lots more. 

   Bact to back,we talked about confidence in yourself being your style.leonard proves his confidence with his facial expressions which is so bold and stunning..

Also,his steps which he leads,this is what every gentleman should appreciate "THE STEPS",so brave and gallant,so noble and grand.If I'm told he is the duke of milan ,without an atom of doubt in my heart,I will believe..This fashionista should take a pause in time to give thanks to God for so much blessings on him.God is behind this.This is too extraordinary to be ordinary..

Without say too much,this fashionista has given us the whole answer.

Are you going for a prom party?

Are you going for  awedding ceremony?

Are you going for a valentines' day party?

   Gentlemen, these are your right outfits and looks.

  If you would want to know more about Leonard or his style,here is brought to you his official Instagram account @leonardadejumo
Have a nice time...


  1. Thanks I appreciate this
    But I am a student of Adeleke University tho


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