Article: A piece of Life

One thing you have to take to note in life is that no one matter but you. You came to this life alone and no matter whose close or best friend with you will never follow you to die.
People will come for you to love
And more will come for you to hate.
People will come to be trusted
But only you will decide who and who gains your trust.

Life is like a pair of fur in summer and an air cooler in winter.
You discard it because you see no use at first until that period of use comes.
You only live a life of regrets when you don’t live every second like it’s your last.
You have only one life, live like you have no chance to live.

Time waits for no man, that’s true, but it is also true that man decides what happens in time.
The fate of a better tomorrow is in your hands.
Time waits for no man because you give enough space for it not to be utilized.
Utilize your time.

Don’t let anyone including your parents define your fate.
Design path walk through that path with pace no one can trace
If life gives you oranges make lemonade out of it and leave the whole world wondering how you did it.
Be awesome.

This picture simple depicts how you should be in life, be your own man depend on none, trust no one and live with no regrets.


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