Fashion: Sunday Flows

Osayuwamen brings a simple but yet classy dress.

Osayu displays a simple wear that can be used anywhere, either for a church service or a night show...

Osayu goes with a whit chiffon top... because you all know what white signifies.. PURITY. She chose a white top because she wanys to send a signal of purity, trustworthiness and honesty to all the people who sees her, so ladies if you a looking for a dress sense that actually display these quality, Osayu has shown you here..

Not only did she wear a great top to show her inner mind or her actual quality, a very long coffee skirt is worn to signify mainly one thing... DECENCY... Osayu is a very decent girl but how can she let the whole world know without saying anything at all? Well she got an idea and used on her dress sense by wearing a long gown to cover her knees from being exposed... Apart from her legs being exposed, this is another ticket to cover her beautiful legs from cold... Wearing an extremely short skirt not only shows how hot you are but it is a fast train ticket for cold to penetrate...

Osayu is a very DECENT AND PURE girl but she knows how to be hot also... Osayu is very hot because of the black high heels she wore... She is sexy because of the 'ghen ghen pose' she stroke by crossing her legs... Heels basically shows how hot a girl is and a pose like that means she is very sexy...

OSAYU is RICH... She is rich in the sense that high fashion sense is high and expensive. She thinks in such a sumptuos way... She displays wealth by carrying a white and black designer bag to go with the top and shoe...She also put on a round earring to show SIMPLICITY

For the noticeable attribute to with her DECENCY AND PURITY she wears a black head-tie on her to show her INNOCENCE... Wearing your head-ties like that shows your innocence and she [roves it more with her cute smile 



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