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Moda is Fast approaching and the anticipation in the University of Benin is high... No physical publicity has been done but we are trying all our best to get it known online before physically seen.

Moda is an African Fashion Show that's aimed at rejuvenating African Fashion and culture

It's going to be African mixed with modernity
It's going to feature
-15 Designers
-15 Make Up Artists
-15 Photographers
-45 Models
-1 Runway

Currently, the progress made and the participation has been really good and encouraging...

So Faschun Jinkz and Yiri Wears are the organizers of Moda.. We are currently working with Top Uniben Personnel in terms of publicity, photography, blogging, make up, designing and lots more...

Moda is African and Moda is beautiful

The official hash tag for Moda is #modaforafrica and #lesmoda

So we at Faschun Jinkz did this photo shoot of some models and some of our Models..
 Keep the anticipation going...

Moda is going to be epic

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