Chris Brown Hits The Shmoney Dance, Milky Rock And Cat Daddy At The Same Time!

 While many hip-hop artists never bother trying to add "Dancer", Chris Brown isn't the type to settle, he's always working to improve himself as an artist. After years and years of practice, Chris Brown can hella move, no doubt about it. His dancing skills has been compared to those of the king of pop, Michael Jackson himself; why else would the MTV Video Music Awards have asked Chris to do Michael's tribute back in 2010? Man, Breezy cried at the end, that was such an unforgettable performance. It takes a legend to know a legend, you feel?

It cannot be stated enough, Breezy's skills are amazing but of course, people like to gossip. There's nothing some fans like more than comparing their favorite artists with other celebrities. There's been speculation around who would win a dance competition between 26 year old Breezy and 37 year old Usher but the truth is nobody cares who would win that battle, both are incredibly good in their own right. Just let dope dancers be dope, okay? Honestly, Usher was definitely the man ten years ago and he's a heavyweight dancer but it's Breezy's turn in the spotlight.

     Turn Way, Way Up

Whether he's turning up in a sexy music video or throwing up on stage for a live performance in front of thousands of fans, Breezy's got that juice and if you've ever wondered, his skill is definitely not edited whatsoever. Don't believe? Well, sit back. This is a totally unedited video someone captured at a recent show of Chris doing not just one, not two, but three of the hottest dance crazes in hip-hop in one fell swoop. Behold, Breezy performing the Shmoney dance, Milky rock and Cat Daddy at the same damn time!

What's the Milky Rock? This is How Others Have Done It:

Download And Watch Video HERE

Download And Watch How Breezy Did The Shmoney dance, Milky Rock And Cat Daddy At the Same Time: Download here

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