Makeup: Fabulous

I know you ladies are anxious to know the products usd by this damsel… Well before then et me tell some few things about The model and the picture.

This makeup is a great makeup that can be worn wiith your traditional attire and also with a girly out… in my previous post today I said that if you want to show the boys how girly you are, you’ve to be all gltter and pinkish.

Foyinsola is a model from The University of Lagos currently in 200 level who loves fashion, modeling and makeup.

More UNILAG students keep representing their school let’s see who she wore on the make up.

For the foundation, she rocks a Mary Kay Foundation. ;)

Then applies a Zaron powder to bring out her brown color

Makbrook brow Pencils brings out her Eyebrows

An ash Sleek eye-shadow to show the ash.

An awesome Sleek liquid liner.

And a Zaron mascara.

Now you’ve seen the makeup.

Makeup by: @mzafee

Model: @mzafee


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