Fashion: I just cant let it go

 We all have experienced or will experience this feeling once or twice... We would see something so great we just have to take a photo of it. Well this is one of those feelings that Joan had

Joan is an upcoming model and a fashionista from Base University, Abuja.

This is a great picture because one it is natural with a black filter. Her pose shows that she is a calm and easy going girl.

Now here comes the interesting part this wall is a beautiful wall. Joan saw the wall and could let the wall go to a waste without a picture of it so she took a picture with it. She tells all fashionistas that if you see a scenario just too good to be left seen every day, call a nearby photographer, strike a pose and take a picture with that object or scene.

 Fashion is not just about clothes, the background also matters. Cause the background can tell a different story from your dressing.  A good background explains what your dress is about.

Now this background explains her dress code as an easy going person and a simple girl who has a lot of fun in her.

The umbrella on her right hand says it all that she’s creative and can use anything as prop.

When taking a picture with a good background, that depicts what you wear, any object would be great to bring out the fashion in you.
Learn more picture tips from Joan on Instagram @joan_mordehigh


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