Fashion: 3 most important things to be a perfect gentleman

Class is where you should be all matured gents, because that’s what you’re meant for.
Being classic is not how handsome you are or how much beard you have (though having a beard comes a long way in class).

Being classic don’t doesn’t mean you have to be as thin as a pipe, people will still respect your looks based on what I am about to tell you.

Now a mature gent has brought the 3 most important things to prove you’re classic.

Aboyowa is a classic gentleman that hails from the good city of Warri (the irony right)… Well Aboyowa has come to prove to you that not all “Warri indigenes are craze.” There are still good ones who are classic there like Aboyowa.

Aboyowa schools at Covenant University. You can imagine how he survives, “A Warri boy in Covenant” like I say you can take a Warri boy out of Warri but you can’t take Warri out of a Warri boy.

Now, he has brought the three important things for you to be the classiest gentleman. 

I’ll start from bottom to top
#3 or the 3rd important thing in being a gentleman is: Your pair of feet or your Shoe.
    You can wear the best long sleeve, best coat, best pair of paints, but once your shoes are off, the whole dressing is pointless. So people will look at you like from the shirt to pants there will be a smile, but once your pair of feet are seen and they are not good, the smile will change. But if your shoes are top class like Aboyowa’s own, you will start and end with a smile.

#2 is your wrist.
    What you put on your wrist will show how much you have in your bank account. I think that is self-explanatory cause every watch has a grade

#1 is your outer expression.
   Your outer expression includes
1.      How you speak
2.      How you walk
3.      How you eat
4.      How you smell
5.      Your facial expression
6.      Your sense of humor

How you speak matters a lot, because for any occasion yo go, to prove that you are a gentleman, you speaking shows a lot. You shouldn’t boast on your achievements don’t insult or be rude, give lots and lots of comments.

How you walk is not too important but it is by the way because the slower you walk shows how gentlemanly you are (that doesn’t mean you have to work like a snail regularly

How you eat in public matters, pray to whatever or whoever you believe in before eating, use the right utensils for the right food. Don’t request for extra (remember you aren’t at home) don’t rush your food, take a spoon after every 30 seconds
And leave some food on the plate don’t be a glutton and be thankful

How you smell matters a lot no one a person with bad smell in their event. Wear a good perfume and body spray to tthat occasion, don’t ever wear a cheap perfume that smells out too much or doesn’t smell at all. Spray good perfumes that smell nice.

Your facial expression matters. Smile but not too much so you would be taken seriously. And don’t always look angry to scare people away.

Your sense of humor matters who you laugh for, what you laugh for how you laugh and when you laugh matters. Don’t laugh out loud in such gentlemanly occasions; you are not in AY’s show.

And most importantly always Suit up…

The picture has explained my points. For more convincing points follow Aboyowa on instagram @aboyow_a


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