Fashion: Moments

What is moment?
   A very short period
   A particular time; a precise point in time
   The present time
Moments are beautiful, lovely and sometimes rare. They are that once in a life time view that is so precious that you can’t just let go. You’ve just gats to look back and say yeah that was awesome. Moments are sweet and enthusiastic, filled with fun.

Moments have to be captured either being drawn or snapped.

You will agree with me that a picture brings back a thousand memories and speaks a million words. Then you have to also agree with me that a picture seizes that special moment known and unknown to you, because every second is a moment that has to be cherished.

So what this picture actually shows is a moment with nature, Matilda has lots and lots of great moments with nature. And this picture says it all about nature. Nature is about plants, animals and humans and she has picked the great part of nature to take as a great moment with her…

She is a lovely 100 level stdent at Covenant University and she keeps her fashion real and simple.

She and her friends actually picked up this great outfit. It is a trad top, a skater skirt and a wonderful hat. It is a simple urban style.

Follow her on Instagram @matie_b


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