Fashion: Kimono Jacket on Fleek

This is so amazing. Take a good look at a great look at the kimono jacket. I couldn’t let this pass me by.

 Nike rocks this purple jacket like no one can. This is actually one of the best pictures I have seen all year.

She is a 400 level student from  the University of Lagos

UNILAG also got fashion, I am so shocked to see such a wonderful jacket worn on a normal occasion. If I were to be the owner of this jacket I would wear it once every year so it will be new very time I wear it and I would wear only on special occasions to show how special this jacket would be.

I love the fact that shee wears this gown on a normal day to class. People would say this girl has worn her best clothes but guess what she has more and more better than this. Check her instagram page to confirm @nikkie_silva.

She is beautiful and got a good color combination idea. She combines this purpke jacket with a white Singlet and a white jean. The white actually brings out the beauty of the jacket.

Wearing two light colors brings the beauty of your clothes out.

The pair of feet she chooses is the prettiest girly pair, because it contains lots and lots of glitters. For the ladies, need to show the guys how girly you are, its all in the amount of glitters and pink you have on you, and that’s exactly what Nike is telling you ladies…

Glitters and Pink attracts… 


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