Fashion: Women can be what they want to be in IUO

Igbenedion University Okada… has brought three top Models for you to see, judge and learn from…
The first thing that will come to mind when you look at the picture is the machine they are on, and which depicts Engineering. So when I look at this picture I actually see three engineers. Engineering is all about machines and the type of engineering that also comes to mind is the mechanical engineers, which deals with body parts, repairs and production of machines.

They have shown you that they are enough female engineers in Igbenedion University Okada ;) so you don’t have to be scared. They actually challenge females in Nigeria that they don’t have to have the mentality that engineering is for men only, so women should embark on studying engineering too.

A wise man once said 
‘If females think that they are still equal with males, they are foolish because they are far more superior than males.
If you give a female sperm she will bring child
If you give her groceries she brings a meal
If you give her your heart she will bring a smile’

So I don’t see why females can’t be engineers.

The three models also tell the world that photography and female engineers are in Igbenedion University Okada.

So What I love about this picture is that the choice of colors they used, white, black and blue actually represents the three core occupations because white is for the medical students, black for lawyers and blue for the engineers.

So here you have it from Oladapo and her friends from Igbenedion University Okada tell you women are versatile and can be what they want to be in Igbenedion University Okada be it a lawyer, doctor or engineer

So they go simple with their blue denim jean jacket. With an awesome white ripped jean. They actually went with something unique and causally classy to show all these and a simple pair of sneakers to go

Learn more occupational fashion tips from them on instagram @chenniemilz @timzyfaity @skybeejay


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