Fashion: Summer Outfit

Foyinsola brings the traditional into the urban.

What to say… I’m actually speechless because this picture is a great picture it brings about traditions and modernity. I’m going to keep this brief.

Foyinsola is a 200 level that hails from the great school of University of Lagos

This gown is a great and easy going gown that can be worn during the summer. It is very authentic and light. So it doesn’t brings heat to the body.

The full outfit is a simple summer wear for you all to enjoy brought to you from Foyinsola..

It shows traditional era and the modern period, it unites the two periods together to make them one. It is traditional because of the patterns and color and it is modern because it is light, authentic and modern.

So are you still searching for a beach wear? Well Foyinsola has brought it to you with this gown and hat

Learn more from her on Instagram @mzafee


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