Fashion: Tania

Exclusive school girl look brought to you by only the finest, Tania.

Tania is an inspiring young girl that hails from the BOWEN UNIVERSITY …. Tania brings a story to with this picture…

So what I love exactly with this dress is the choice of background and the simple choice of colors. Tania goes with simple black, brown and white look.

She wears a black and white stripe Sweat shirt and a black skirt with a black and white leopard skin shoe.

She goes with an awesome bag. Now the background is a wooden house… it depicts ruggedness and versatility… 

Her makeup is not unique and different but it is special and well done, that’s why it’s better than some. Tania is a lovely lady.


Well Tania has brought the second simplest of looks you can wear for most occasions ranging from school to parties. Faschun Jinkz brings the best of the best trending in different Universities and Tania is one of the best trending in her University. Now we will come from a different angle of fashion mainly based on universities.

Learn more from Tania on Instagram @tania_dada


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