Fashion: Dark

Doc Drevan brings a full concept of dark for you. I’m going to be as simple as I can be in this post because there is a lot to say on the dressing but I have to bring the interest things for you.

He chooses to go with this outfit today because of the situation of when the society wants to get you down. This outfit is actually and outfit for rebel and worn be people who has alt on their mind and can only express to the world through art and poetry

Doc Drevan is a model and an upcoming fashionista who thinks outside the box to bring what new, trending and different all in one dressing.

So this is what the Doc goes with in this outfit. He wears a Trench coat,
Zara spring boots
This all black outfit is perfect for days when society wants to get you down
And Balmain jeans with padded knees

follow him on Instagram @doc.drevan


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