Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their special ‘Valentine’. The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman Holiday Lupercalia.

A man named Valentinus was martyred February 14. This much we know. But when it comes to details about the life of St. Valentine, legend often supersedes fact. As you celebrate this Valentine’s Day find out the truth about the man for whom the day is named.

I could have bored you with the history of this great icon of Valentinus but I’m going to tell what I really think of Valentine.

Valentine’s Day as we all know is a day we spend with our Spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or whatever the case may be. We exchange cards, gifts and flowers with the ones we love.

I would say Valentine’s Day is that special day for love. It doesn’t necessary has to be with the few people I listed above, it is a day meant to show love to everyone, both to your family, friends and enemies. It is a day set aside to show love unconditionally to everyone. Because as history has, a Christian martyr Valentine died on this day for love.

I believe in no other thing but love, if you think of it, love makes the world go, it makes the world to keep moving, without love, the earth wouldn’t be in existence.
Now let’s trace history to see how loves has played a great effect on us the humans on earth.
The bible has it, that God would have destroyed when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, but out of his love for them he didn’t.
Scientifically, we evolved from ‘apes’, history has it that out of man’s curiousity to know more about his environment, he discovered new things like, how to hunt, cook, draw and a host of many others.
The bible also says that God is love.
At this junction, according to this quote from the bible I say that Love has been with us right from day one. Because God existed before the earth and since God is love, love has already existed before the creation of the earth.
Science says we evolved from apes. Now I want to ask a question. Is it possible to find out more and more and even up to the extent of never giving up about something if you have no atom of love for it? I will say NO to that, because if you’re allergic to or you hate milk, you will never want to know more about milk.

Now let’s leave history and come to the present. Man as we all know loves easy things and has to communicate to make things even easier for him. So Alexander Graham Bell who invented phone, because out of his curiosity and love to make communication to be at its easiest form invented telephone. Now through his love for that more and more people added and removed things to that telephone to make it faster and easier every moment.

Now without the invention of these things the world wouldn’t be where it is now. And without the love of something, there will be no inventions…

Again, Love created War… love, through the inventions of bombs and weapons has created war and made it more dangerous.

Love has gone out in different ways. Love is love no matter its place of showcase it will always be love.

Keep loving because without love, we wouldn’t have been where we are. 

So with this little proof, Faschun Jinkz says to all our readers Happy Valentine's Day


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