Fashion: Valentines day call.

Okay, for today’s fashion post about Valentines we are going to be very brief about it.

Val’s day is not yet ended. Looking for what to wear with your Val to have the most perfect night, well
 I strongly suggest no other look but a good old fashion classic look. Why??
Class shows maturity
And today is a matured day for matured lovers. So you should go with these
1.      A white long sleeve
2.      A jacket or a waistcoat or both because this night is cool
3.      A pair of pants, not skinny at all
4.      A pair of oxford brogues or any classic shoe
Leonard  has shown you in the pictures below.
For the full image

You can also go with a pair of suspenders and a pair of glasses.

See he holds his coat on his hands and wears a waist coat

Now, instead of going to meet the girl with a briefcase, old a rose and a box of chocolates on your hands

The ladies are already tripping and getting scared on what to wear. Well, no biggie we got you simple.
 A short or long gown is perfect for the night. Go with any type of gown because it’s simple
You can either wear a red or white gown to have a wonderful event. but make sure you put those heels on.

Hilary has made me correct once again by going with a pair of White heels and a Red Gown.

This is a simple fashion Math. The ladies wear a gown that matches the shirt of their Guy.
If your man says he is wearing a white or blue long sleeve, Look for a White or Blue gown.

  Wow they obeyed the math .

Now, if you look closely, you will see that the hem of the gown is black and it goes perfectly with her Man's pair of pants

I know most of us Guys don't have any Val so we go solo, well this is the best outfit you can go with to that restaurant, bar or event and snatch or the single ladies

Happy Valentine's Day


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