Fashion: All Praise Be To Allah

Asalamalekwu Malekwu Salam...
So here's the thing,  today is Friday and your Muslim friend invites you to join him in the mosque to celebrate his wedding, Thanksgiving or a celebration that involves the invitation of your friends and family. Obviously you don't want to disappoint him because he or she is a great friend.
Now here is the problem,
1. You're not Muslim
2. You have no idea on how they dress to the mosque
3. Once again, you're not a Muslim

You don't want to disappoint your friend by not showing up or dressing in a way that will Mar his reputation in the Mosque. Sometimes he might not be available for you to ask what to wear.
This is what you will face in some situations, but now Charlesaty has solved your problem completely. 

How you ask??? 
Charlesaty has worn an entirely Muslim outfit to impress the mosque and his friend. He has come with a bold look to show though he's not a Muslim he is also not racists. 
In my previous post you will see that I said wearing other races traditional outfit actually brings about peace. 

Charlesaty has done so by showing it in his dressing. 

To learn more on religious outfits follow Charlesaty on Instagram @charlesaty. 

Faschun Jinkz will be bringing out something big and different on Sunday , so keep reading and you'll be amazed.. 

I simply love the way Charlesaty has expressed himself through this dress. 

For more clothes that will make your Muslim friends smile, 
You can put on a Jalabia with a cap and go with any Suede shoe. Because the Muslim wear is the most widely spread wear as far fashion and religion is concerned. 

So today, go to your friend's  occasion in the mosque looking like this, I assure you that they won't even know that you are from another religion. 

Also don't forget to accessorize. As charlesaty did, he wore a long gold chain. 

What actually brings the beauty of this picture is that charlesaty actually takes in a rocky train rail and he actually goes bare footed on the rail. 

Wearing a shoe to a mosque is not sort of a big deal. So I recommend go with a classic shoe but never I mean never wear an ugly Sneakers with this outfit 


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