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Speaking of Louie Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Versace and many other popular fashion designers,
Each day, we put on clothes that do more than just cover up bodies. We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires. Who are the people behind the designs we wear every day? These fashion designers who have made fashion a huge industry, and whose work is as controversial, and as influential, as traditional art. These are some of the designers who have dressed the world's most famous people—and are hugely famous in their own right.
Let's take for example, Gianni Versace who was Born in 1946 in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, Gianni Versace became one of the top fashion designers of the 1980s and '90s. He launched his first clothing line in Milan, Italy, in 1978. In 1989, Versace debuted his first couture collection. He continued to add to his fashion empire, expanding into home furnishings and perfumes.
   Versace became known for his glamorous styles, producing a range of siren dresses that became his trademark.
   The head of Medusa was also a recurring image on many of his clothing items and accessories. He launched his first couture collection in 1989 and added two clothing lines, Versus and Instante, to his business in the '90s.
    One of his most famous creations was a black dress held together at the sides by gold safety pins; worn by Elizabeth Hurley at a movie premiere in 1994, the dress helped make the actress a star.
   Versace was only 50 years old when he was gunned down outside his South Beach home in Miami, Florida, on July 15, 1997. The beloved fashion designer was murdered by 27-year-old spree killer Andrew Cunanan, who was found dead in a Miami Beach boathouse eight days later. 
Another Iconic designer Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in New York City on October 14, 1939. Lauren worked in retail at Brooks Brothers before developing a line of neckties. The brand he established, Polo, is now one part of an international empire that includes fragrances, home furnishings, luxury clothing and dining based on a fantasy aesthetic of upper-crust life. Lauren, a funder of cancer research initiatives, has also used his personal fortune to amass a collection of rare and classic cars as well as a massive Colorado ranch.
   At the age of 16, Ralph and his brother Jerry changed their last name to Lauren after having been teased consistently at school. Another brother, Lenny, retained the family name. Ralph was known for his distinctive fashion sense as a teen, finding inspiration in screen icons likeFred Astaire and Cary Grantwhile having a taste for both classic preppy wear and vintage looks. He went on to attend Baruch College in Manhattan, where he studied business for two years. After a brief stint in the Army, Lauren took on a sales job at Brooks Brothers.
   Lauren is known for capitalizing on an aspirational style and key insignia which evokes the British gentry while also referencing the aesthetics of the American upper class. His fashion ideas have been criticized by some for not being particularly innovative while also embraced by scores of consumers who prefer more approachable looks. Lauren subsequently broadened his brand to include a luxury clothing line known as Ralph Lauren Purple, a rough and rustic line of apparel dubbed RRL, a home-furnishing collection called Ralph Lauren Home and a set of fragrances. Polo currently produces clothing for men, women and children and has hundreds of internationally placed stores, including factory stores that produce the majority of his sales domestically.

   All I'm simply trying to say is that though these fashion designers are famous, they didn't just start big, they started small, and took the greater chance of being famous. Like Ralph Lauren who changed his last name...
   These fashion designers didn't stop at a point they kept on thriving to be who they are. And even after death as long as clothes will be on our bodies, they will always be remembered...
   Now an upcoming fashionista who goes by the name Dolapo has come out from the shadows to create an amazing jacket ... It's a nice jacket that can virtually go with anything...
  Like every fashion designer has something to inspire them, Dolapo does have something that inspired her to create such a lovely jacket. But it's hers to keep find out what is your inspiration, get a pen and paper and start creating, who knows you might be the next big thing.
To learn more from Dolapo follow her on Instagram @i_vivianne


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