Biography/Fashion: Akpe Marvellous

This is Marvellous
She's is a cute young lady that hails from Lagos and schools at the University of Benin
She's about 5 ft tall...

After an exclusive interview with Marvellous we had

Faschun Jinkz: What keeps you going?

Akpe Marvellous: God and my Parents

Faschun Jinkz:What are you likes and dislikes?

Akpe Marvellous: it's a man's world, so I think like a man act like a lady

Faschun Jinkz : Who would you say is your mentor?

Akpe Marvellous: Rihanna

Faschun Jinkz : Why Rihanna?

Akpe Marvellous:Okay she's this strong Barbados breed that keeps going even when the going gets tough, she's young emotional kind smart not perfect but the her bravery is exceptional. And she has great fashion sense

Faschun Jinkz: Wow that is awesome.. So I know you have definitely heard about her booming hit song 'Work'... What do you think about the video?

Akpe Marvellous: Are you kidding?
The song has been topping charts for 8weeks already
And the video too...Its entertaining
I like the fact that there are two of them.  The first one in the club is what we all expect for that kind of song.  Then she gives another piece in the room with Drake showing the  other romantic part of the song

Faschun Jinkz: What attracted most people to the song was what Rihanna was doing at the beginning of the song in front of a mirror... So can you do that???

Akpe Marvellous: You mean twerking that's not an issue๐Ÿ˜‰

Faschun Jinkz: That's good...  I'm sure the fans will like to see that soon right on air

Akpe Marvellous: * laughs *

Faschun Jinkz: Have you ever tried dressing like Rihanna??

Akpe Marvellous:Well am still working on that, I have a lot of pictures. And when a ready. Trust me they will be bloody๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Faschun Jinkz :So where can we see more of your photos Facebook or Instagram?

Akpe Marvellous: Instagram surely

Faschun Jinkz: So what is your Instagram handle?

Akpe Marvellous:

Faschun Jinkz: How do you feel being part of TEAM FASCHUN?

Akpe Marvellous: Oh yh its a lovely one
 Friendly people learning more from each and everyone
 Errr new friends too
 But overall the team is a bunch of talented fashionistas and goofy sweethearts too๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Faschun Jinkz:And we Faschun Jinkz love having you as part of our team and we promise you a fun filled experience...Keep Slaying Faschun and have a good night...
  So you heard a little bit about Marvellous here first so if you've got questions please feel free to ask and she'll give you her reply

Faschun  Jinkz is proud to announce Marvellous our new model and she's based on what is trending And different...

  So the faschun in these pictures are what they are...

If you notice carefully she's very awesome at rip jeans and has displayed all the ways of ripping... Well most of the ways...

   She is well trying as hard as she can be to like her mentor,  Bahd girl riri...

She's well a very wise young lady and a great member of Faschun Jinkz 


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